PESCALEX at the EAS, Porto, Portugal Oct 6-9 2010

Author: Margaret Eleftheriou

28 28 2010

An event at the EAS meeting in Porto that drew the crowds was the trialling of the innovative online Diagnostic Tool for fish diseases in Turbot by its developer, Greek firm AQUARK. More than 100 t

PESCALEX 2 progress meeting in HAKI Szarvas Hungary

Author: Margaret Eleftheriou

31 31 2010

New Development of Language Game

The Progress meeting which took place in the Research Institute for Fisheries, Aquaculture and Irrigation (HAKI) centre was particularly important for the P

ESCO: Connecting people and jobs Conference, Brussels, October 9-10

Author: Margaret Eleftheriou

23 23 2017

AMC Ltd Chair Ms.Eleftheriou represented the ESCO AGRI Reference Group at this meeting held to show how ESCO will be used to build a connected European labour market. ESCO’s multilingual classificati