Author: Margaret Eleftheriou

11 11 2010

March 8 2009 University of Crete, Greece

The Coordinator, Mrs Margaret Eleftheriou, gave a presentation of the PESCALEX project and Language Game at the 1st international Conference on Language for Specific Purposes which took place at the University of Crete on March 8-10. The Game was greeted with great enthusiasm by all participants. Click here to see the poster version of the Language Game.

19-20 March 2009 Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling, Scotland

At the meeting between AQUARK and the University of Stirling partners, Dr Bulent Verep, the new Rize contact, was given full details of the project and Rize University's place in it. The need for the adaptation of the Fish/Shellfish Pathology materials and the difficulties caused by the loss of Prof. Okumu's expertise in fish haematology, led to discussions as to how the Diagnostic Tool could be used. New software for the new website interface and new back end, could make it possible to run the Diagnostic Tool/Language Game online. The feasibility of developing the Language game as a cellphone tool was also raised.

March 24-25 Aberdeen Scotland At a meeting of the Language WP of the SOCRATES Thematic Network AQUATNET, the PESCALEX Language Game was presented and suggestions made as to how it could be further adapted as an induction tool for student exchanges. More work will be carried out on this aspect.