PESCALEX 2 Startup meeting Dublin 16-18 Nov 2008

Author: Margaret Eleftheriou

04 4 2009

The Startup meeting, held one month earlier than scheduled got off to a flying start with all partners present and all PESCALEX 1 materials pre-circulated. In addition, each partner was given a PESCALEX memory stick which contained all the necessary PESCALEX 1 materials for translation.

Minutes of the meeting will be posted on ProjectPath, the new project management system, for partners.

An important deliverable will be the redesign and reconstruction of the PESCALEX website. Until it is ready, the previous website will remain freely available.

A further meeting to discuss the photographs and other images as recommended for the Aquatic Pathology Units will be held in Stirling in the New Year.

The Dissemination Workshop, the culmination of the project, will be led by CETMAR, with the proposed Venue at Vigo.

It was proposed that a new Language game, based on keywords to be used in a diagnostics exercise, would be more suitable than the present PESCALEX Language Game, which is based on Fish Haematology. Ms Fraga attended the CLIL conference in Tallinn in October 2008, just before the start of PESCALEX 2 where she gave a presentation and full description of the CLIL methodology. The Powerpoint presentation can be accessed here.