PESCALEX Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Technology(LLP/LdV/TOI/2008/IRL-509)

Author: Margaret Eleftheriou

01 1 2009

The PESCALEX partnership has been awarded a follow-up to its successful first PESCALEX project.

The aims of PESCALEX 2 are:

1)To transfer the PESCALEX materials to wider geographic/linguistic areas (Turkey, Hungary, Galicia,Spain)

2)To translate all PESCALEX materials into HU, TR & ES(Galician)

3)To transfer the fish health/diseases content(based on species farmed in partner countries, using terminology useful in the workplace) to new users

4) to combine innovative (VOLL) language learning with tutor-led & ODL methods in a multi-lingual online environment devoted to fish health management at the VET level.

News of the project will be given on the AQUATT and AQUATNET Newsletters while the PESCALEX website is redesigned and upgraded, a major part of the new project.