PESCALEX at the EAS, Porto, Portugal Oct 6-9 2010

Author: Margaret Eleftheriou

28 28 2010

An event at the EAS meeting in Porto that drew the crowds was the trialling of the innovative online Diagnostic Tool for fish diseases in Turbot by its developer, Greek firm AQUARK. More than 100 tried out the tool over a two day period. The prize, an iPad was presented to the winner, Ms. K.Norton, AquBioTech Group (Malta). By AQUARK and CETMAR.

The handouts stated very clearly that he PESCALEX DIAGNOSTIC TOOL only assists in the process of diagnosis of fish diseases and in the shipment of detailed history from fish farm personnel to fish health experts for their final diagnosis. But it also claimed that fish farm managers through the tool can: • Self train to think in a certain way (the "diagnosis way of thinking") • Find experts across the world and send them the history of the mortality incidents • Retrieve appropriate data for the expert and communicate them in 5 European Languages • Find indicative possible cause of mortality and view the disease pdf files, images and videos Using the Diagnostic Tool fish health experts can: • Upload images to enhance their profile as research or services experts • Compile the history data you get over Skype or voice mail to avoid losing valuable info • Receive coherent correct history data every time with unique case id • Record the lab analysis results and send the relevant diagnosis and action instructions to the farmer in 5 European Languages