Who Are We?

Pescalex AMC Ltd (www.aqualex.org), coordinator, based in Ireland, has developed a range of free online marine science language aids (language learning tools, multi-lingual glossaries) as well as multilingual interactive learning modules in the area of aquatic science, including aquaculture.
AQUARK SA AQUARK SA (www.aquark.gr), a Greek SME, is a new type of consultancy network with innovative characteristics providing customized solutions by personnel experienced in Aquatic Resource Management. With its multinational and multi-industry background, AQUARK can call upon a wide network of associated scientists and experts in all main areas of interest.
HAKI HAKI (Research Institute for Fisheries, Aquaculture and Irrigation, Hungary) (www.haki.hu), a leading research institute in Central Europe in the field of freshwater fisheries and aquaculture research, carries out multidisciplinary research programmes in the fields of fisheries, aquaculture and agricultural water management.
CETMAR CETMAR (Centro Tecnologico del Mar) (www.cetmar.org) is a public foundation founded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology and by the Galician Government, aiming to integrate all marine research and technology resources and to boost the competitiveness of the marine and fishing related sectors by promoting research and innovation activities.
AquaTT AquaTT (www.aquatt.ie) is an international foundation which provides project management and training services to support the sustainable development of Europe's aquatic resources. One of its main functions is to provide services to fill the needs of those involved in the aquaculture sector: students, teachers and trainers, researchers, policy makers, company employees and managers.
The Faculty of Fisheries at the University of Rize The Faculty of Fisheries at the University of Rize, Turkey (www.enformatik.ktu.edu.tr/eakademik/856/) provides undergraduate and graduate education on basic aquatic sciences, fisheries technology and aquaculture, and conducts scientific and applied research for the sustainable management, conservation and protection of aquatic resources.
University of Stirling The Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling (www.aqua.stir.ac.uk), internationally acknowledged leader in the field of fish health and diseases, carries out aquaculture-related research in all fields from aquatic animal health and disease, to production technologies and environmental impacts to molecular toxicology and proteomics.

Previous partners include

  • The Lycee de la Mer et du Littoral, located at the heart of France's most important oyster production where it specialises in vocational teaching.
  • The Department of Aquaculture, Chemistry and Medical Laboratory Technology at the University College, Bergen, which works on environmental requirements of fish species under culture conditions, has close ties with the aquaculture industry in Norway.
  • The Agricultural University in Szczecin, Poland, with large Aquaculture Department, provided advice and contributed to the development of training material and programmes.