• Disease outbreaks in fish farms can cause severe mortalities leading to business failure.
  • Fish farmers across Europe need to be able to recognize and communicate symptoms so that confidential advice can be sought and fast accurate diagnoses made by experts.




  • The PESCALEX project has created an opensource Fish Health Toolset with multilingual units (EL, EN, ES, FR, GL, HU, NO, PL, PT, SW, TU) on fish health and selected fish diseases (Common European Reference Framework level B1 - 2).
  • Supported by an innovative language package whose scope ranges from hesitant beginners to seasoned practitioners
    • Self-tuition language lessons in EL, EN, ES, FR, GL, HU,NO, PL, PT, SW, TU at the lowest (CEFR A1-2 level) with audio input
  • For those in the workplace who need instant, accurate top-level information at a high level (CEFR C1-2 level)
    • 3 relevant glossaries (fish/health diseases, aquaculture, marine pollution) in EL, EN, ES, FR, GL, HU, NO, PL, PT, SW, TU.


PESCALEX projects funded by the EU LEONARDO DA VINCI Programme
IRL-05 IRL-05-B-F-LA-153180

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